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Snowshoe hiking in South Tyrol

Absolute peace, far and wide no people, no cars, no noise and no turbulence, only magic winter scenery, snow-covered trees and now and then traces in the snow.

Traces from your snowshoes and traces from squirrels, chamois and deer, which are forage food. During a snowshoe hike you will experience the South Tyrolean winter from its peacefully side. Far away from ski slopes and masses you find peace and untouched landscapes and with a look back your own traces in the snow.

Snowshoeing is the ideal possibility to move soft and environmentally sound in the nature and at the same time it is a good training. Walking in the snow is much more arduous than "normal" walking: snow shoes are also a little bit bulky, and you will need a while to get used to them. But without the snowshoes you will sink in the snow and this is worse.

In South Tyrol there are a lot of winter hiking paths. The best of them and the most beautiful snowshoeing tours you can find here.

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