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Guesthouses & boarding houses in South Tyrol

What is the crucial aspect of the very special atmosphere in the guesthouses and boarding houses in South Tyrol? It is the hosts, who guarantee all their guests’ well-being with much commitment and an extraordinary cordiality.

Guesthouses & boarding houses in South Tyrol: Authentic hospitality

Often, the guesthouses and boarding houses in South Tyrol are run by families, who engages in making the stay of the guests even more pleasant with their personal recommendations. The hosts perfectly know, which hiking path leads to the best viewpoints and which pastry shop has the best apple strudel.

The guest houses and boarding houses in South Tyrol are the perfect accommodations for all those, who prefer individuality to luxury and for whom authentic friendliness is more important than professional perfection. In several accommodations, the owner is also the chef, preparing South Tyrolean specialities according to family recipes. In fact, the guest in the guesthouses and boarding houses in South Tyrol will look forward to relaxing and pleasant holidays.

What is the difference between a boarding house and a guesthouse?

Inns and guesthouses are two popular accommodation options for holidaymakers in South Tyrol.

The differences between boarding houses and guesthouses are that inns offer both accommodation and on-site gastronomy. Here you can not only stay in cosy rooms during your stay in South Tyrol, but also enjoy regional specialities and homemade dishes.

Guesthouses as well as boarding houses with half board focus on offering comfortable accommodation. As a rule, a simple breakfast as well as dinner is served in a boarding house, while lunch can be taken outside. This offers an optimal chance to get to know and explore the surroundings in South Tyrol better.

In addition, boarding houses are usually somewhat larger and have amenities such as a lobby or reception area. Guesthouses, on the other hand, offer a more private environment where you can feel at home.

Conclusion: Should you choose a boarding house or a guesthouse?

When choosing between a boarding house and a guesthouse, it depends on what kind of holiday experience you prefer in South Tyrol.

If you are looking for accommodation with a gastronomic offer and a lively atmosphere, an inn could be the right choice for you. However, if you prefer a more personal accommodation and would like to have the flexibility to eat outside the accommodation some of the time, then a guesthouse or a boarding house with half board is a good option for you.

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