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Herb hikes and workshops

Where: Different locations in Passeiertal Valley, St. Leonhard in Passeier
Region: Meran and environs

Between April and October everything is about herbs and health in Passeiertal!

Interesting workshops and herb hikes take place from April to October in Passeiertal Valley. Herb hikes are guided hikes meanwhile you can learn something about the herbs which are growing nearby the path, or you walk with your guide to special places, where the medicinal plants are growing.

The herbs specialist Rosi Mangger will teach you interesting knowledge about herbs, their healing effect and the medicinal power of nature. Furthermore you will learn how to use the healthy herbs.

Dates of 2017:

  • Wednesday, April 12th 
    Cooking with spring herbs: spreads, pesto
  • Wednesday, April 19th
    Fit through spring herbs: spring smoothies, the vital source
  • Wednesday, May 3rd 
    Cooking with wild herbs: making a soup seasoning
  • Wednesday, May 24th
    Fit through wild herbs: green smoothies, the vital source
  • Wednesday, May 31st
    Ribwort tincture
  • Wednesday, June 7th
    Elder – influenza tea and elder liqueur
  • Wednesday, June 14th
    St. John’s wort (St. John’s wort oil and yarrow ointment)
  • Wednesday, July 5th
    Stinging nettle pesto and salt
  • Wednesday, July 12th
    Cooking with wild herbs: spreads, pesto
  • Wednesday, July 19th 
    Herb pillows
  • Wednesday, July 26th
  • Cooking with wild herbs – seasoned salt
  • Wednesday, August 2nd
    Cooking with wild herbs: spreads, pesto
  • Wednesday, August 9th 
    Maria Himmelfahrt – Assumption herbs
  • Wednesday, August 16th 
    Cooking with wild herbs: spreads, pesto
  • Wednesday, August 23rd 
    Women’s herbs - herbal brews, tinctures and ointments
  • Wednesday, August 30th
    Healthy in autumn with wild berries (mustard sauce, jams und fruity mustard)
  • Wednesday, September 6th 
    Cooking with wild herbs: spreads, pesto
  • Wednesday, September 13th 
    Cooking with wild herbs – herb oils and herb vinegar
  • Wednesday, September 20th
    Cooking with wild herbs: spreads, pesto
  • Wednesday, September 27th 
    The scent of herbs
  • Wednesday, October 4th 
    The cold season comes closer
  • Wednesday, October 11th 
    Incense blend
  • Wednesday, October 18th
    Apple, pear, quince – old household remedies (preparation of tea)

For registration and further information you can contact the tourist offices of the valley.

Further information:
Tourist office Passeiertal Valley
+39 0473 656 188

Photo: © Tourist office Passeiertal Valley

Herb hikes and workshops
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12/04/2017 - 18/10/2017
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