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Romanesque Day in Vinschgau

Where: Mals and environs, Mals im Vinschgau
Region: Vinschgau

On Saturday, 13th October 2018, you can follow the tracks of marvelous medieval arts of the Romanesque period in Vinschgau. The Alpine Romanesque Road runs through the whole valley and shows numerous artistic historical monuments of this epoch, which can be visited for free.

In fact, in Vinschgau there are 28 churches, monasteries and chapels from the Middle Ages, which can be admired.

In addition to its unique architecture, which especially expresses itself in the distinctive round arches, the Romanesque period also shows impressive works of art. So you will come across countless historical sculptures, murals and frescoes, which stories are told from experienced guides.

Travel through the Middle Ages

Unlike past times, now, of course, it is possible to reach all sightseeing places by public transport and especially organized shuttle buses.

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Tourist information Vinschgau
Tel.: +39 0473 620 480

Romanesque Day in Vinschgau
Culture Culture
  • 13/10/2018
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