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Ski Alp Race

Where: Weißenbach, Ahrntal
Region: Tauferer Ahrntal

A first-class ski touring race! There was organized for the first time an international ski touring race some years ago in Weißenbach in the region Tauferer Ahrntal. With good effect!

Athletes and sponsors were very satisfied, so that the SkiAlpRace Ahrntal takes place this winter, too and it is scheduled for the 14th January 2018. The race is included even in the calendar of the international ski touring association ISMF and therefore it has international status. 

The SkiAlpRace is a ski touring single race in classic style and the participant start in different classes. Only athletes with FISI-pass are allowed to participate. Uphill the sportsmen have to manage about 1,600 meters and two ascents, partly also with the skis on their back. 

Further information: 

Sports Club Skialprace Ahrntal

Ski Alp Race
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