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Hotels in Steinegg 

If you want to see one of the most beautiful starry skies in Italy, you should book your holiday in one of the hotels in Steinegg. Steinegg, together with Gummer and Karneid, is the first European Star Village.

Specialised hotels in Steinegg invite their guests on a journey into the universe: rooms with telescopes, star images, sky windows above the beds or even the Apollo 11 lunar module on a scale of 1:1 make the usual hotel to a special adventure. Those who want to explore the infinite space and the night sky even further can visit the Max Valier star observatory, the "Peter Anich" solar observatory or the planetarium. Moreover, an ideal excursion destination for families is the planetary path to the star observatory at Untereggerhof or the path of the stars, which connects the 2 star-villages Gummer & Steinegg. And don't forget the Pyramid Circuit, an easy hike to the so-called earth pyramids of Steinegg, unmistakable sculptures, formed by erosive forces.

At the hotels in Steinegg, it's not just the stars that take center stage, because the guest is king here: a hearty breakfast in the morning, a healthy snack in between, guided hiking and biking tours or a relaxing massage in the wellness oasis. From organic hotels to bike hotels to wellness hotels, every hotel in Steinegg has its own special focus and ensures that guests feel completely at home.

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