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The white snake

In the pasture of Fodara Vedla near St. Vigil, there are extensive and rich pastures, on which, in summer, the shepherds let to graze their cattle.

At first glance the nature here seems to be sweet melodies and the cow bells accompanies hikers and mountain lovers.

It was not always so! A long, long time ago this place was infested with poisonous snakes and only the bravest ventured bring the cattle to the foot of Sas dla Para. Snakes not only terrorised the shepherds in the daytime, at night, in fact, they got into the stables and ate all the milk that cows could produce!

A real curse for the poor peasants who exasperated decided to turn to the Wizard of St. Vigil, asking him to do a spell to help them. The wizard prepared a special potion made ​​of magic dust and herbs, and went towards Fodara Vedla. He lit a big fire and began to recite prayers to attract snakes.

The success and the end of the Wizard

The animals seemed almost hypnotized by the rituals and gradually approached the fire, until let inside it and burn. After a while though, arrived with the vipers also a great and majestic white snake wearing a small crown on his head.

The magician tried in vain to defend himself, the white snake wrapped it and they launched together into the fire.

The next morning, the peasants, got up early, ran to the scene to see what was left after the intervention of the sorcerer. The snakes were gone and found themselves just a huge pit corroded by the poison and covered with ashes.

One of the peasants, however, looked better than the others and saw in the ashes of a small crown, the one of the white snake, picked it up, put it in his head and lived like a prince for the rest of his life!

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