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Myths and legends from South Tyrol

A fantastic journey to discover the myths and legends of South Tyrol: the best stories, the tales handed down through generations, the legends about the formation of mountains, lakes and pastures, the most mystical places where you can feel something strange and magical.

Most of the places in South Tyrol tell us stories passed from generation to generation, telling us about the formation of mountains, lakes and pastures or about magic events or legendary figures.

Some of the most famous myths and legends in South Tyrol are, for instance, the legend of King Laurin and his rose garden, of giant Haunold in Innichen or of the Schlern witches. Moreover, the unique, mysterious landscape of the alpine region has inspired many writers, such as the German brothers Grimm.

In short, South Tyrol is and will always be an enchanting – but also enchanted – region, where you can many things to discover. Read our collected myths and legends and learn more about elves, fairies, goblins, gnomes, nymphs and witches, good and bad ghosts, which still hide between rocks, in dense woods or in caves.

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