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Säben Monastery

The Benedictine Abbey on Mt. Säben near Klausen is a popular landmark in South Tyrol and lies high above Eisacktal valley.

Säben had been settled already in the Neolithic period, later there was a late Romanesque settlement at the place of today’s monastery. Afterwards, Säben Castle got its function of medieval, episcopal fortified castle and of administration centre of the southern districts of Brixen diocese.

In 1686, there was the construction of the new monastery and some years later, it became an abbey accommodating since then members of the Benedictines. Particularly contemplative. The nuns live in strict enclosure and dedicate themselves to praying and housework. As well, they welcome guests and pilgrims in their guest house in summer.

With the rebuild in the 19th century, the facilities lost their appearance as medieval fortress. In the monastery’s close environs, there are several other churches and chapels.

South Tyrol’s “acropolis”

Säben Monastery is situated in a prominent position above the city of Klausen and is already visible from afar. As Eisacktal is an important transit area in South Tyrol, many travellers pass and look up to the wonderful Benedictine Abbey.

Starting from the historical centre of Klausen, a popular and comfortable path leads up to the monastery. The excursion can also be realised as a circular tour. Dreamlike views of Eisacktal and the surrounding mountain world are thrilling.

Some parts of Säben Monastery can be visited with professional guides and by appointment.

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