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Hanspaul Menara

Hanspaul Menara is one of the most famous hiking guide authors of South Tyrol.

He was born in Sterzing and his passion for mountains has become his profession. He writes the most detailed walking guides.

Menara is a journalist and a connoisseur of South Tyrol. His excursion guidelines are more than simple descriptions: they inform about flora and fauna, they get to the bottom of mountain names, hamlets, rivers and valleys and they are the best source to know South Tyrol better.

Menara’s books are big. They weigh too much to carry them in the rucksack. Nevertheless, they are the most-read books in South Tyrol. Excursionists and mountaineers read Menara’s books at home, when they prepare a tour, they read them in winter, when they desire the warm summer or only because they want to watch the amazing photos.

Hanspaul Menara and his excursion tips

Apart of his books, Menara writes a weekly excursion tip for the “Dolomiten-Magazin” magazine, which has a circulation of more than 78.000 pieces. The magazine is the most read in South Tyrol. Every excursion tip is adapted at the season and mostly doable for the whole family. Many readers collect the excursion tips and every Sunday you can observe that many people are hiking to these mountains, which Menara has recommended on Friday.

Hanspaul Menara published more than 16 excursion guides; many of them have been translated in Italian and English language.

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