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Eva Klotz

"South Tyrol is not Italy!" Eva Klotz is a South Tyrolean politician born in St. Leonhard in Passeier in 1951.

Her father, Georg Klotz, was called "the hammer of Passeiertal" because of his many attacks on the high voltage pylons. Eva Klotz looks very recognizable with her long braid and her clothes. She started her political career in Heimatbund in 1976. Between 1980 and 1983 she was councillor in Bozen.

In 2007, Klotz founded the political South Tyrolean party “Südtiroler Freiheit”, with whom she is declaredly fighting for the independence of South Tyrol from Italy. Here polemic slogan is: "Südtirol ist nicht Italien " - "South Tyrol is not Italy".

Klotz finds support in the right-wing position and collects German sympathies among Schützen.

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