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Guesthouse, Boarding house South Tyrol

For what do you wish more, if you start for a holiday in South Tyrol? Probably fair weather; and an accommodation with hospitable hosts and a good cuisine; not much more.

With reference to the weather we can’t ensure anything. But of course we can tell you something about the first-rate guesthouses and inns in South Tyrol. The bigger part of the local boardinghouses is family business: The mother works as desk clerk, the father takes care about house and garden, the son is the head cook and the daughters are waitresses. All stick together and also the guests quickly become family members.

So it is no wonder that many South Tyrolean guesthouses have a lot of regular guests. Holidaymakers appreciate the hospitality and the familiar, family-friendly atmosphere, the simple but classy rooms, the attractive prices, the hearty plain fare and the helpful recommendations of the host.

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