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Ice skating in South Tyrol

Whizzing over the ice rink, trying some artistic or curling: South Tyrol provides small and tall ice skaters different possibilities to discover the South Tyrolean icy paradise.

It does not always have to be skiing: Some more or less rapid rounds on the ice or an exciting ice hockey game will add variety to the winter holidays and restore your body. When ice-skating families and active travellers put on their skates and glide across the ice, they enjoy the clear winter air and the snowy winter landscape even more intensely.

If the temperatures are cold enough, South Tyrol offers many frozen lakes for ice skaters. Ice skating can be romantic, but you should absolutely pay attention that the ice layer is thick enough. In case of doubt, just as in the local tourist office in advance.

We particularly recommend these lakes for ice skating when there are appropriate ice and weather conditions:

In addition to the lakes in South Tyrol, many ice-skating rinks in the South Tyrolean villages, that are perfectly prepared if the temperatures are cold enough, are perfect for ice skating. Most of the ice-skating rinks are not only open during the day, but also on several evenings and are lit with floodlight.

If you would like to go ice skating regardless of winter and weather conditions, we recommend the indoor ice rinks in South Tyrol, that are sometimes open as well during the warm months. Here, regional and international competitions take place again and again. The ice rink on Ritten is perfect for outdoor competitions during the cold season such as the speed skating European Championship 2019. Skates and helmets are available for rent at the ice rinks such as at Lake Sompunt and at Lake Haider.

Bavarian curling is a trend winter sport in South Tyrol too: Here, skaters do not only have to keep their balance on the skates. But target shooting requires precision and distance shooting the right technique, in order to achieve acceleration. The team competitions are particularly fun for both athletes and spectators.

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