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Ice skating in South Tyrol

Whizzing over the ice rink, trying some artistic or curling: South Tyrol provides small and tall ice skaters different possibilities to discover the South Tyrolean icy paradise.

Whereas kids love ice skating, adults go tend to go on the ice much rarer – unless they are passionate hockey or figure skating fans. It is actually a pity, as the magnificent winter landscape can be perfectly enjoyed on many ice-skating rinks in South Tyrol.

If the temperatures are cold enough, South Tyrol offers many frozen lakes and open ice-skating rinks. Ice skating can be romantic, but you should absolutely pay attention that the ice layer is thick enough. If you would like to go ice skating regardless of winter and weather conditions, we recommend the indoor ice rinks in South Tyrol, that are sometimes open as well during the warm months. Here, regional and international competitions take place again and again.

Ice skates are available for rental on many ice-skating rinks. We particularly recommend for ice skating:

By the way: Ice skating is a perfect preparation method for skiing, as you learn to keep your balance and to brake.

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