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Pleasant e-bike tours

You can unhurriedly pass mountains and valleys, go to your workplace without car and you can effortless reach high and far places… With the new e-bikes cycling is funny and nearly unlimited.

Localities in the region

Electric bicycles – so called e-bikes or pedelecs – are generally equipped with a battery electric motor that supports the biker in pedaling. This kind of locomotion offers many advantages for everyday life and leisure time.

Therefore the association “Südtiroler Weinstraße” and the tourist office Kaltern have launched the initiative “E-bike tours” kindly supported by the mobility department of the province.

Sustainable transport

The initiative wants to inspire more people of this sustainable kind of transport. With corresponding offers – from bike rentals to e-bike tours – this shouldn’t be a problem, because with the motor-powered bicycles not only trained and fit athletes can enjoy their sport, but passionate cyclers in all stages of life.

Even if you have little power or much baggage, if you have to manage long ascents or if you would like to cover a distance without sweating, the e-bikes are very practical. Moreover it is a quite speedy and eco-friendly transport type.

E-bike tours around Kaltern

Enough reasons for advancing the e-bikes. In Kaltern and in some other communities in Southern South Tyrol the first move has been made: with the opening of the first e-bike tours in South Tyrol.

The idyllic hilly country with vineyards and fruit orchards around the wine village is particularly suitable for e-bikes. Next to the square Rottenburgerplatz in Kaltern and next at the railway station Bozen-Süd there are bike rentals offering also e-bikes. In between you will find several appropriate routes, leading to the nice villages of the region and to many traditional wineries.

Over the network “Südtirol Rad” these e-bike tours are connected with other rentals and service points throughout South Tyrol and they can be used with the popular “bikemobil Card”.

Further information about the e-bike tours in Southern South Tyrol can be found in a bike guide, including route descriptions, rest stops and sights. It is available on site next to tourist offices and bike rentals.

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