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Disc whipping in Vinschgau

Where: Mals and environs, Mals im Vinschgau
Region: Vinschgau
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There are many traditions in South Tyrol involving natural elements such as fire, water and earth. Very old traditions are still alive in some villages of South Tyrol.

Among the many ancient traditions of South Tyrol, in Vinschgau is still alive the tradition of "Scheibenschlagen", which takes place during the week before the Sunday of Lent. Protagonists of this tradition are the boys and young men of Mals and environs. During the week the young people of the countries collect wood and straw and prepare pieces disc of wood.

The first Sunday of Lent is also preparing poles covered with straw, called "Hex", "Larmstange" or "Käsfängga" symbols to the collective imagination of masculinity and femininity.

Once the sun went down, the boys with the discs approach to the sticks covered. The ceremony continues with the lighting of the fire, the burning of the witch, which takes place between screams and cries, because in the past it was thought that this would ward off evil spirits.

Afterwards, the pre-made discs are held info the fire with a hazelnut stick. Once they are hot enough, they are taken out of the fire and swung in circles with a flexible stick until they are fully lit. By this movement is recited a rhyme that goes something like this:

Cheese in the bag
Wine in the bottle
Corn in the tub
Butter in the pan
Plough in the ground
Watch my disc reaching out

If the disc flys off well, this means luck.

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Disc whipping in Vinschgau
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  • 01/03/2020
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