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Castle hotels in South Tyrol

Would you like once like the owner or the lady of a castle, stroll through time-honoured premises, spend the night in a romantic tower suite and indulge in almost royal culinary pleasures? Then you should try a holiday in a castle hotel!

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Spending your holidays in a castle in South Tyrol. However, to stay, to dine and to sleep there is something different. Embedded in idyllic vineyards or high on a hill, where you have an overview of the whole valley, between big walls, blazing open fire and four-poster beds you’ll quickly feel like a king. Dreamlike gardens, exquisite beauty treatments and royal delights, which are served during a romantic candlelight dinner, complete the holiday pleasure for history lovers, romantics, lovers and newly-weds.

The palace and castle hotels in South Tyrol are the perfect setting for a time-out together with your darling, for wedding receptions and unforgettable honeymoons. Last but not least also little guests enjoy it to play knight and princess and to discover hidden corners in a big castle.

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