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E-bike holidays in South Tyrol

For those who have not already tried longer bike tours due to steep ascents and many meters of altitude, e-bike are a welcome alternative. In fact, it allows bikers to discover the magnificent South Tyrolean mountain world between vineyards meadows, woods and peaks abundantly and easily.

Driving with an e-bike has many advantages: Less trained travellers have it easier to begin with biking; the large selection of manageable tours is motivating. As the electric engine allows driving with more or less support, bike tours with persons of different physical condition are even more fun. This way everybody can stay in his optimal training area.

Discovering South Tyrol

The South Tyrol Cycleway connect all seven cities in South Tyrol and is perfect for e-bikers due to the length of its stages. The cycle path offers two different routes with five stages each. In addition, South Tyrol offers the ideal e-bike tours for any taste – be it comfortable e-bike family tours around Lake Kaltern or a tour around Mt. Latemar in Eggental with a breath-taking panorama for passionate e-mountain-bikers.

Specialised bike accommodations

However, not all bike tours are appropriate for e-bikes. If you drive with an e-bike for the first time, you should consider a few things. For beginners, especially, driving up a hill is easier than descending to the valley. Some BikeHotels in South Tyrol are e-bike specialists and offer individual consultation, safety trainings, top e-MTB for rental and much more. As well, you can learn more about recommended tours with information about charging stations.

Eco-friendly biking

The e-bike is not only appropriate for those who want to make wonderful bike tours, but also for those who give high importance to modern mobility. Compared to cars, the e-bike is eco-friendly and reduces the time of searching a parking lot. As well, more and more bike rentals in South Tyrol offer e-bikes in addition to classic mountain bikes and road bikes.

If you would like to return by the means of public transport, the Bikemobil Card is a good option: The convenient use of busses, trains and cableways in entire South Tyrol also includes renting a bike for one day. In summer, many open lift facilities offer a bike transport.

E-bike, pedelec & motorised bicycle

The terms motorised bicycle, e-bike and pedelec are often used as synonyms. Originally, a pedelec was an electric bike supporting the biker only if he pedals. On the contrary, e-bikes do not require pedal force. By now, there is no more a linguistic distinction of these terms, as e-bike is growing more important as umbrella term.

In South Tyrol, it is necessary to consider that rapid e-bikes (s-pedelecs) with an engine performance above 250 watt and motor power also above 25 km/h are not allowed on cycle paths. Furthermore, an appropriate driving license, a motorbike helmet and an insurance are necessary.

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