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Hotels on the ski slopes in South Tyrol

Winter is coming soon, the first snow has already fallen in some places and the opening of the skiing areas is a matter of weeks. Then you can spend again some nice days or weeks on fantastic slopes and wonderful, snow-white dreamscapes.

If you are tired of getting up early in order to be the last one in the ski resort, you should better book your next vacation in a hotel on the ski slopes. Nearly every skiing area in South Tyrol has some accommodation structures in its immediate vicinity.

In some cases, it is actually possible just to open the hotel door, to strap on the skis and to throw yourself into the pleasure. Ski hotels that are not that close offer own shuttle buses that take you to your destination on time every morning – so you can leave your own car at home in any case.

Here you can find a selection of hotels on the slopes featured on our website!

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