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South Tyrolean cookbooks

The best dishes of South Tyrol are made with very simple ingredients like eggs, bread, milk, meat.

This is the way in which these ingredients are processed and combined that makes the difference, however, making the kitchen of South Tyrol one of the best in Italy.

The teachings of mothers and grandmothers and small tricks to use in the kitchen were collected in recipe books that will help in achieving the more traditional recipes directly to your home!

Unfortunately in large part the best and broades cookbooks of South Tyrol are available only in German and Italien. Nevertheless we don't want to keep them back from you. Among the most popular cooking books are: 

  • "So kocht Südtirol" (South Tyrolean dishes)
  • "So backt Südtirol" (South Tyrolean pastries and cakes)
  • "So kocht Italien" (Italian dishes)
  • "Südtirols Küche raffiniert einfach" (simple and refined dishes)
  • "Feine Küche für alle Tage" (fine cuisine for every day)
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