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Ski goggles

If you want to buy new ski goggles for your skiing holiday in South Tyrol, you should consider some recommendations.

A perfect blue sky, sun and glinting snow: such conditions are normal for ski holidays in South Tyrol. But attention: although good weather is great, it is also very risky! Snow reflects the sun and your eyes and skin get the double sun rays. Applying sun cream and wearing good ski goggles are a must!

When you buy ski goggles you have to pay attention to a good quality of the glass. The glass has to be coated to avoid fogging and to keep out UV-rays and wind. When you’re buying glasses please try the goggles out: they have to fit perfectly with and without a helmet. Look if there is a second bad-weather glass in the box. Only with orange glasses you are able to ski during bad weather and bad visibility-conditions.

If you’re skiing with children, please equip them with a helmet and good goggles!

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