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Climbing parks in Hochpustertal

Without any doubt the most famous climbing park in the region Hochpustertal is Landro in the valley Höhlensteintal, which was opened up in the eighties.

Another, likewise worthwhile crag for demanding climbers is the valley Rienztal, where they will enjoy not only fantastic routes, but also a wonderful view to the famous Three Peaks.

Franchi - Höhlensteintal

The interest in this climbing park has grown especially during the last years. Here you may find mainly vertical and overhanging dolomite rocks offering athletic and difficult climbing.

  • Journey: From Toblach into the valley Höhlensteintal; there you can park on the public parking site next to the hotel “Drei Zinnen Blick”.
  • Access: Traverse the road, cross the bridge behind the hotel and follow the hiking path with the number 34.
  • Routes: 1 route in the degrees of difficulty 6b and 6c, 11 between 7a and 7c and 5 between 8a and 8b.

Rienztal - Höhlensteintal

 In this crag passionate climbers find tours in all levels of difficulty and beginners are satisfied as well as experts. Moreover, you will enjoy a breathtaking view to the world-famous Three Peaks and the surrounding Dolomites. Disadvantage: the relatively long walk to the rocks.

  • Journey: From Toblach into the valley Höhlensteintal; there you can park on the public parking site next to the hotel “Drei Zinnen Blick”.
  • Access: A slightly rising walking path leads towards the refuge of the Three Peaks; after circa 45 minutes you will reach the sign of the climbing park and after 10 minutes you reach the rock faces.  
  • Routes: 4 routes in the degree of difficulty 4, 9 between 5a and 5c, 16 more up to 6c, 18 between 7a and 7c and 7 in 8a.

Landro - Höhlensteintal

Landro ranks among the most traditional climbing parks in the eastern part of South Tyrol, known as Hochpustertal. Here mainly average and good climbers get their money’s worth.

  • Journey: From Toblach into the valley Höhlensteintal and then toward Cortina; parking site after the lake “Dürrensee” on a lay-by on the left side of the road.
  • Access: From the parking place you can already see the climbing walls on the right sight of the street.
  • Routes: 10 routes up to 5c, 27 between 6a and 6c, 17 more up to 7c and 5 between 8a and 8b.

Haunold - Innichen

This small climbing park with about 20 medium difficult routes is located on the ski mountain Haunold in the vicinity of the village Innichen.

  • Journey: To Innichen and then towards Sexten until you arrive at the parking site of the lift facilities of the Haunold.
  • Access: Whether you go on foot in circa 25 minutes on the top of Mt. Haunold or you take the chairlift; from the mountain station a trail leads to the climbing rocks.
  • Routes: 3 tours up to 4, 1 in the degree of difficulty 5a, 13 between 6a and 6c and 1 in 7a, 7b and 7c.

Innerfeldtal - Sexten

The two sectors of this crag in the marvellous valley Innerfeldtal offers easy and medium difficult climbing routes. It is suitable for beginners and also for families with children, because climbing can perfectly combined with a family excursion and a picnic in the middle of pristine nature.

  • Journey: To Innichen and Sexten; before you reach the village you have to turn to your left and to move on into the valley Innerfeldtal; there you can park on the first or second parking space (depending on the season).
  • Access: A pleasant, 30-minute hike leads from the car park to the alpine hut “Dreischusterhütte”; one sector is located above the refuge, the other one onwards into the valley on the left side.  
  • Routes: 6 routes up to 5a, 3 in the degree of difficulty 5c, 22 between 6a and 6c and 6 more up to 7c. 
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