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Typewriter museum

In the centre of Partschins, in the „Teisenhaus“, is situated the typewriter museum. On 4 floors, with 2.000 pieces in exposition you can learn more about development of the typewriter.

At the entry of the museum in Partschins a diorama shows the inventor of the typewriter, Peter Mitterhofer, in his workshop in 1864 with his first exemplar. Without any technical help and with simply tools he invents 5 different types of typewriters in the years 1864-1867.

In the next diorama you will see the American inventor of the typewriter Latham Sholes with his daughter Lilly. Various types made by hand or factory built narrates us the story of the typewriter from 1874 – 1900. On the first floor there is a waste assortment of typewrites. Military ones, able to type secret codes, especially used during the 2nd World War, typewriters with Chinese, Arab and Japanese characters as well as music typewriters. The most precious ones are; once the famous "writing-ball Malling Hansen”, a Princess 300 and a Royal Gold gilded.

Further information:

Typewriter Museum Peter Mitterhofer
Kirchplatz 10 – I-39020 Partschins
Phone: +39 0473 967 581

Further information: