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Touriseum Meran - Museum of Tourism

The South Tyrolean Museum of Tourism, called Touriseum, is the only museum in the Alps devoted exclusively to the history of tourism.

The museum is located in the Castle of Trauttmansdorff near Meran, in the middle of a wonderful botanic garden.

Once it was the holiday residence of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, now the Castle tells the history of South Tyrolean Tourism in the last 200 years. The museum focuses on 3 topics:

  • 1st: how South Tyrol became touristy
  • 2nd: the travellers and the persons living in a tourist country
  • 3rd: tourism as an industry

These topics are elaborated in various different stations, whit beginning in year 1750, when the mountains were feared, continuing 1890 when Meran became a touristy centre and coming to the 1960 and 1970 when South Tyrol lived a tourism renaissance after the two World Wars and arriving till the presence.

After the sightseeing, the museum offers a pleasant reading room and a multimedia station were the visitors can find answers to the questions remaining of the South Tyrolean Tourism. Before you leave the castle you will see an amusing attraction: the largest "tourism pin-ball-machine" in the world! The exhibitions ends with a symbolic parcours through South Tyrol.

Further information:

Tourism Museum South Tyrol
St. Valentinstraße 51/A – I- 39012 Meran
Phone: +39 0473 270 172