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Animals in South Tyrol

Mooing, mewing, baaing and barking. In South Tyrol farms you feel often like being at the zoo!

Fortunately, you can also go on holiday there and experience the animals and the life on the farm in more detail.

Children especially like cats, rabbits and other small animals. Seeing cows, horses or a sheep they prefer to stay at a safe distance and the kids want to pet them only in company of their parents.

Who doesn’t spend his family-holidays on a farm  can visit the animal parks in Toblach and Assling. In the two small animal parks mostly local animals live.

From afar, however, come the reindeer, which live at Rotwand in Sexten. Meanwhile two reindeer families live there, a total of seven animals. In winter, families can do reindeer sleigh rides.

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