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Thuniversum South Tyrol

The Thun family is one of the most known and most successful business-families in South Tyrol. Thun became famous with its chubby clay angels, which are known worldwide.

In the Thuniversum – the headquarter of the business in Bozen – interested people can get to know more about the history, the philosophy and, of course, the products of Thun.

In the Thuniversum you can explore South Tyrol and the world of clay figures within a small space. In the Panopticum you are able to see the Dolomites mountains in a unique panoramic-vision, in the "production show" you can see how the clay angels become so lovely, in the store you can buy clay angels, animals, flowers, clowns and many more which are simply great as a souvenir from South Tyrol.

Further information:

Galvani-Straße 29 – I-39100 Bozen
Phone: +39 0471 245 111

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