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Giorgio Moroder

Grown in a small village in South Tyrol, Giorgio Moroder has discovered his passion for music already very early. When he was 19, he got out to explore the world. The star producer is considered to be the father of disco music, made Donna Summer an international star and won four Grammys and three Oscars.

Giovanni Giorgio Moroder was born on 26th April 1940 in St. Ulrich in Gröden. Surrounded by the Dolomites, he grew in a South Tyrolean valley with three spoken languages: Ladin, Italian and German. The song “Diana” by Paul Anka raised his lifelong love for music and he learned to play the guitar by himself when he was a teenager. Instead of going to the geometer school, as his mother wished, he was on tour with his band in hotels and night clubs in Europe for several years – first as a guitarist and later as a bassist.

Worldwide success

From 1966, Giorgio Moroder lived in Berlin, wrote songs and worked as a sound engineer. In 1969, he moved to Munich where he founded the Musicland Studios. His song “Son of my father” is the first pop song where a synthesizer was applied. The breakthrough came with Donna Summer and the hit “Love to love you baby”. With this song, Donna Summer had become a celebrated disco queen in 1976 and Moroder himself had become a much-demanded producer. In 1977, he produced another Donna Summer hit with “I feel love”, which was way ahead of his time and ground-breaking for the development of techno music. In his Musicland Studios, Moroder welcomes for instance stars like the Rolling Stones, Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

Film music

In 1978, Giorgio Moroder moved to the USA and composes the soundtrack for the film Midnight Express. For this production, he got an Oscar as well as for the song “What a feeling” (Flashdance) and “Take my breath away” (Top Gun). He provided the music for many other popular films and wrote songs for three Olympic Games as well as for the football world championship in Italy in 1990. His entire of life is still today in Los Angeles. However, he spends some time in his holiday home in Gröden and got the Grand Order of Merit in South Tyrol in 2010.

Active & creative

In 2013, Giorgio Moroder collaborated with Daft Punk for the song “Giorgio by Moroder”. For the album “Random Access Memories” that includes this song, the French electro dup won a Grammy. Giorgio Moroder himself has won three Grammys in total with his music. However, the producers with origins in South Tyrol always wants to improve. In spring 2019, he makes a tour through15 European cities. With his tour “A celebration of the 80s” he promises an exciting show and he will perform his world hits together with excellent musicians and singers.

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