Weather in South Tyrol

Thanks to its position in the heart of the Eastern Alps and on the southern side of the Main Alpine Ridge, South Tyrol offers to its visitors a special mild climate and a pleasant weather. South Tyrol has become a popular vacation destination for its small amounts of precipitation and the many days of sunshine during the year. The spectacular mountain world and the mild weather in the valleys offer to its visitors a big abundance of outdoor activities.

The seasonal fluctuations of the weather in South Tyrol are here very distinctive and chance the landscape during the year: You can enjoy very hot summers in the west and south part of the land or if you prefer a temperate climate you can spend your summer holidays in the Pustertal. In autumn the land changes in to a color paradise and in the winter many skiing areas offer ski fun on perfect slopes. And last but not least the fascinating spring time with the apple blossom fascinates every year more and more people.

Forecast for today, Saturday 28.11.2015

General weather conditions

A perturbation will pass on the northern side of the Alps.

Weather today

The day will be sunny in the morning. From West will pass some clouds and along the main alpine crest light snowfall can be possible.

Forecast for the next days

max: 7
min: -9
max: 10
min: -7
max: 10
min: -6
max: 10
min: -6

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