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Security tips for tobogganers

Tobogganing is a perfect winter sport for all ages and is getting more and more popular. To make sure that you have a lot of fun during a toboggan rider, you should consider a few things – as tobogganing is a fast sport as well.

The following recommendations are important for all tobogganers. Special caution is required for moonlight tobogganing, in poor visibility conditions and on slippery positions on the toboggan run.

  • Mutual consideration
    Make sure that you do not injure other people! Many toboggan runs have the same tracks for ascent and descent, which is additionally used by winter hikers and ski mountaineers too.
  • Ascent on the right side
    Please ascend on the right and one after the other in order to avoid collisions. The descent must be done on the right side as well (considered from the downward perspective).
  • Stop and cross only at clearly laid out spots
    Do never stop at narrow or poorly visible spots. Make sure looking down and up that the road ahead is clear before proceeding! In case of a fall, the toboggan run must be left as quickly as possible.
  • Control of the toboggan
    Drive by sight and keep enough distance to the others! Controlled descending implies that speed and driving are adapted to skills, weather, traffic density and the conditions of the toboggan run. Be ready to brake at all times.
  • Catch attention in time
    Caution inattentive ascenders with loud shouts in order to avoid collisions.
  • Appropriate equipment
    In addition to warm clothes and solid shoes (treaded sole), a helmet (for skiing or biking) is recommended particularly for kids. The toboggan itself should be of good quality; plastic bobs are not made for toboggan runs.
  • Current information about the toboggan run
    Get informed about the route and conditions of the toboggan run and make sure that the track is open for tobogganing.
  • No dogs
    As the risk of collisions is too high, dogs should not be taken on toboggan runs.
  • Unaffected reaction skills
    Tobogganing should be done only by persons whose reactivity is not affected by alcohol or medicines.
  • Do not descend on ski runs
    Basically, a toboggan should not be taken to ski runs as the risk of collisions is too high and the slopes are too steep. An exception is made, for instance, at Sulden ski area. Here, a connecting slope is open for tobogganers only on certain evenings of the week.

Kids can toboggan by themselves only if they are able to control the toboggan, to brake and guide. Inexperienced tobogganers should as well practise braking and guiding in advance too, before descending on a toboggan run. Tobogganing lying prone on the toboggan headlong is just recommended for skeleton athletes on appropriate runs.

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