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Ski boots

Skiing all day on South Tyrol’s slopes means fun and pleasure and sporty challenges. But when you move out your ski-boots, fun is immediately over and you know why.

Read more how to make that your ski-boots smell as new. Dry off you ski boots. Boots need the soft inner liner pulled out of the hard plastic shell to allow both to dry completely. Reassemble your boots. Push the liner back into the shell. The tongue should be fully inside the boot, not jammed between the liner and shell. Buckle the boot loosely and store it in a dry place.

Do not dry boots or boot liners in direct sunlight or in front of direct heat, this can distort or bleach boots. When storing ski boots place them in a cool dry area, never in the roof, garage or shed, where temperatures can vary dramatically.

At the beginning and the end of each season go over your ski boots. Check straps, buckles and soles for any damage, and make sure you repair or replace any broken parts.

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