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Ski tour to Finailspitze

Ötzi, the iceman, was found near Mount Finailspitze in 1991 by two German mountaineers. Come to visit the place of discovery on Mount Finailspitze is situated in Schnals in Vinschgau at 3,516 m above sea level.

The skiing tour which we present here is a pure glacier tour: pay attention to avalanches and crevasses! We recommend the tour only to experienced alpinists.      

Tour description

The tour begins in the village Kurzras in Schnalstal Valley. Take the cable car to the glacier Hochjoch. Hike below the Mt. Schwarze Wand in Eastern direction. Arrived at the glacier pay attention to the many crevasses! You reach the peak from the western ridge after all in all 2,5 hours.

The descent can be the same as the ascent. Alternative descents are very steep and reserved to very good skiers. Booking a guide is advantageous.


  • Length: 2,5 hours
  • Difference in altitude: 646 m
  • Level of difficulty: difficult
  • Avalanche risk: sometimes very dangerous, consider avalanche and weather report

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