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Braving the cold

How South Tyroleans protect themselves from wind, weather, flu and other "associates" of the winter.

The icy north-wind slashes on our faces, the hands are clammy of cold. As beautiful the winter is: for our skin the low temperatures are a huge exposure. The skin is drying-out, cracks and gets scaly.

The South Tyroleans have found a way to cure themselves. They take natural remedies, which are in many cases more efficient than industrial products. South-tyrol.com has located the best products against dry skin and presents aids against the flu, the Christmas-stress and weary legs.

Against dry skin

Calendula-ointment: Cold isn’t good for the skin. You will notice it particularly on your hands, in your face and maybe on your legs, where the cold trousers touch your knees. In bad cases you should rub calendula ointment in.

Against flu and chill

Echinacea-Propolis boosts your immune system and the defence forces. For prevention, you should make 3 or 4 cures in autumn and winter each for about 3 weeks. Take 23 drops a day thinned with water.

Peppermint-oil: headache and runny nose: these are the signs for an upcoming flu. Help yourself with peppermint-oil. Give it on your front, on your temple and under your nose to breathe free.

Against Christmas stress

Valerian drops: Valerian is perfect for slowing down. Before Christmas everyone has a lot to do: working, buying gifts, baking cookies and many more. Take about 8 drops of valerian one or two times a day to feel better and cooler.

Against tired legs

Arnica oil: Arnica activates muscles and is used for sport-massages. Juniper ointment: is pain relieving and is used against arthritis.