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Full body massage

The massage is a special massage that affects the entire body, is designed to relax the muscles or may have a purpose energizing and invigorating.

The massage is made with  scented oils and essences that can have specific properties depending on the type of massage. For example, the essence of melissa helps to relax and dissolve tensions, especially mentally, it is also used in aroma therapy to treat headaches.

The massage

For a more vigorous massage very suitable are the essences of mountain pine, which also helps to dissolve tensions, avocado oil or mint oil and ylang ylang. They will help to dissolve stress and giving  scented sensations throughout the body.

Normally, the massage has a duration ranging from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It is done by dividing the body into zones. Before the front, top and bottom, and then the front, top and bottom.

Usually it is done in a quiet place with music, candles and incense.