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Easter and Easter traditions

In South Tyrol, many people attach great importance to traditions and a lot of old customs are still practised in the whole region.

Learn more about some interesting Easter traditions in South Tyrol:

  • The last Sunday before Easter, every family elects the “Easter donkey” – title for the one who is the last one getting up in the morning and coming to the breakfast table this day.
  • In the old Christian and Jewish tradition Easter Sunday was celebrated by sacrificing and cooking a little lamb.
  • A typical Easter tradition is the so called “Osterpecken“ or „Preisguffen”. It is a kind of competition with hard-boiled eggs. Two people have to hit two eggs against each other, first the flatter side and then the other one. The winner is the owner of the egg with the hardest eggshell respectively with that egg that at the end isn’t in pieces. Traditionally, people meet for this competition after church service on Easter Sunday.
  • For Christmas South Tyroleans are used to bake cookies and for Easter they paint and decorate hard-boiled-eggs. Sometimes eggs are also blown, decorated and hung on a branch in order to bring good luck.
  • For children, Easter Sunday is a great day. After attending church they go out in the garden and look for small gifts and sweets brought and hidden by the Easter bunny.
  • Originally, at Easter young ladies used to give an Easter egg to the man they would like to marry during that year.

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