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Hotels for travel groups

Just leaning back, thinking about anything and getting to know new people. Relaxing already during your trip and just enjoying the fantastic view…

For some people, going on holiday means not only recreation, diversion or some distance from everyday life, but also acquaintance and company of other travellers having the same preferences and interests.

For example, travel groups are the best way to explore the South Tyrolean sights together and secrets, get to know the particularities of the region or to hike in the beautiful mountain landscape together. And all that without the necessity of a long and detailed holiday planning and arrival.

Bus hotels in South Tyrol

Be it excursions with an association or with a company, family meetings or school trips – organised bus and group travels have consistently convincing advantages. Therefore, many hotels and guest houses in South Tyrol are primarily specialising in smaller and larger travel groups. The so-called bus hotels in South Tyrol are adapted to the particular needs of travel groups, also offering special packages.

Most of the times, hotels for travel groups are located in a central position and offer a large bus park, a large selection of rooms as well as spacious dinner rooms. Characteristic for this type of hotels are also special offers and prices for groups, assistance for the planning of excursions and individually planned activities for your group holidays. Frequently, accommodations for travel groups are family businesses, which are rich in tradition and which set a high value on individual support and best service – especially with a great number of guests.

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