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Today you can spend your holidays wherever and particularly however you want. There is an endless choice of hotels that are always trying to fulfil the individual needs of their guests. Years ago, people just made a difference between the hotel’s stars, now you are spoilt for choice: Golf Hotels, Wellness Hotels, Fitness Hotels, Romantic Hotels, etc.

This is a list without an end. And the costumers aren’t even overwhelmed by such a huge range. After all, their desires caused this big diversification in the hotel business. One of the latest trends are design hotels.

Especially younger people attach more and more importance to a modern and unique design that exactly meets their tastes. And that’s what design hotels in South Tyrol offer to the guests. They impress with exceptional and perfectly balanced design, which includes architecture and furniture as well as smallest details.

Holiday for the eyes

Someone who loves to hike will choose his hotel because of the mountains that are around. But the modern traveller enjoys the tranquil ambience within chic designer furniture – and there are not few of them! Art enthusiasts, fashionistas or just everyone with good taste will feel comfortable in a design hotel.

The most important thing in such a hotel is the visual appearance, but of course all your other needs and desires will be entirely fulfilled, too. Good food, friendly staff and a familiar atmosphere are guaranteed in South Tyrol’s design hotels, just as extensive spa facilities and relaxation areas.

The unique shapes and structures are fascinating and offer the highest comfort. And you definitely won’t get bored with such holidays, because there isn’t any design hotel in South Tyrol, which resembles the other – the more extravagant, the better!

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