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Summer in Southern South Tyrol

If you follow the sunbeams in South Tyrol, sooner or later you will land in the holiday region in the south, which is South Tyrols "most Italian" part.

The climate is mild, there are growing fruits, grapes and many other sun loving plants and spaghetti with seafood are at least as popular as traditional Tyrolean dumplings. 

Do you like swimming? The lakes around Bozen and first of all the famous lake of Kaltern are ideal places for a hot summer day. There you can enjoy sunbathing on green meadows, enjoy best Italian ice cream and at last but not least jump into the cool water. Who then needs the the Adria sea?

Also windsurfers will get their money's worth in Southern South Tyrol. Lake Kaltern is not only the warmest lake in South Tyrol, but also a prime address for windsurfers, because motorboats aren’t allowed there.

After an active summer day many good restaurants offer fine dinners with excellent wines. Finally, Southern South Tyrol is one of the biggest wine-growing region in South Tyrol and the local wines are going perfectly with the mild summer nights.

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