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Pleasures for body and soul

Whether sport, nature, wine or culinary delights, in the southern part of South Tyrol between Kurtatsch, Margreid and Kurtinig pleasure is always first in line.

Here the sun shines and warms up a bit more, the Mediterranean influence and the dolce vita of the south are clearly noticeable and the vicinity of the Italian neighboring province Trentino entails some exciting connections. Not for nothing southern South Tyrol is a meeting point for language, culture and gastronomy of north and south.


Due to the sunny position at 333 meters above sea level the area of Kurtatsch was populated already during the Stone Age. The name of the villages goes back to “curtis” or “corte” that means as much as high lying farms. Today the village is still characterized by wonderful old farmhouses and manors, which create a very special atmosphere.


Margreid is regarded as one of the most beautiful wine villages in South Tyrol. Among other things this is due to the historical town center, which is preserved for the most part. Of importance are also three local wine cellars and a fruit cooperative, which is supplied by the fruit farmers of the environs.


The second smallest municipality of South Tyrol is located in the middle of the valley at about 210 meters above sea level. It is known also as “Village of grapevines”, because many facades are covered by vines. General meeting point in Kurtinig is the marvelous, paved village square.

If you would like to give priority to culinary delicacies and the tasting of noble wines, we recommend you Kurtatsch, Margreid and Kurtinig on the South Tyrolean wine route. Thanks to numerous sports and leisure time facilities you will find the necessary change, too. Last but not least the region of Südtiroler Unterland is well-known as paradise for cyclists and bikers.

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