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Products Alpe Pragas

The valley Prags is a branch of the Hochpustertal. It is crowned by the splendid Dolomites peaks and finishes with the famous lake of Prags.

In 1994, Stefan and Hartwig began cultivating various types of woodland berries on the terraces of this valley, at height of 1,250 meters above sea level. In the alpine climate of these mountains the fruit takes a particularly long time to mature and this allows it to fully develop its fragrance.

It is very important that the fruit is cultivated as naturally as possible: sowing is done manually, the fields are hoed several times before harvest time, all the weeds are pulled out and they are irrigated with water from the springs and streams of the Dolomites. Woodland berries are picked freshly every day to prepare stewed fruit, distillates and fruit syrups according to traditional country recipes, paying maximum attention to product quality – from sowing right up to the finished product.

Stewed fruit and jams

Selected controlled cultivation fruit is candied in quantities not exceeding 15 kg at a time. It is then slowly heated to boiling point while constantly stirring. After a brief and delicate boiling phase during which lemon juice is added, the stewed fruit is put into previously heated glass jars. The jars are closed, briefly pasteurized and then immediately cooled to below 40° Celsius. This method ensures that the precious vitamins in the fruit are not eliminated.

Flavours: strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant, red gooseberry, green gooseberry, blueberry, cranberry, apricot, mixed berries, cherries, rose-hip - apricot, blackberry, plum, quince.

Exotic tastes

The name „chatni“ in Hindi means “very spicy”. Chutneys are compositions of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, which are boiled down with sugar and gelling agent into a thick, sweet and sour sauce.

The English were the first to discover the aromatic garnishing and to bring it to Europe. The chutneys do not distinguish themselves by an extreme spiciness, but by refined recipes. That is why it was decided in 2001 to include chutneys in the range of products “Alpe Pragas”. In cooperation with the famous cook and writer of various cookery books Mr. Gerhard Wieser there have been drawn up refined recipes which appeal to the “European palate”, too.

Further information: 

Alpe Pragas KG
Außerprags 38 – I-39030 Prags
Phone: +39 0474 749 400