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Tandem flights in Meran

Passion for flying is something innate. The thrill of soaring into the air, in absolute silence, sustained only by the wind and currents is something magical, exciting and without a doubt to remember!

At the valley station of Saltaus near Meran is the TandemClub Ifinger, where fans of flight will satisfy their desire to fly. The team of instructors that go the flying club is a group of experts, who will accompany you in your flights in each season, both summer and winter.

Flight areas and flight routes:

At disposal of our clients are various types of flight areas and flight routes:

  • Flight area Hirzer, flight routes white: start next to the cable way Hirzer, flight duration appr. 15 minutes
  • Flight area Texel Group, flight routes yellow: start above the inn Giggelberg, flight duration appr. 15 minutes
  • Flight area Hochmut, flight route orange: start next to the cable way Hochmut, flight duration appr. 10 minutes
  • Flight area Vigiljoch, flight route violet: start next to the tourist office Lana, flight duration appr. 20 minutes

If you would like to, you can also have a video footage and photos of your flight. Everyone can fly! The minimum age for children is 5 years old and the minimum weight is 20 kg (120 kg maximum)! The instructor behind you makes you feel safe and you will enjoy the descent!

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Further information:

Tandemclub Ifinger
Hirzer cableway - 39010 - Saltaus in Passeier
+39 339 76 31 715

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