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Parachuting in South Tyrol

You do not necessarily need to be tired of your life to throw yourself out of a flying helicopter. Considering you carry a parachute that will ease your fall - normally attached to another person experienced in these sorts of jumps.

Parachuting is not recommended for the nervous type. First you face the theoretical introduction taking you through all the steps, and then you sign a written statement that you are fully aware of the risk you are taking. Once you have done that, the helicopter takes you high up in the air, overlooking the majestic South Tyrolean Mountains. Finally – once you have reached the highest possible spot – the actual fun part starts: the jump from over 3.000 meters. 

The fall ends suddenly after what feels like half a lifetime (actually it is one minute), it goes over to gliding and you realize that you are flying! As the earth comes closer bit by bit the ground has never looked so inviting; even though you somehow wouldn’t have minded to continue to fly. And when you finally have got the ground back under your feet, you can’t help but smile from one ear to the other.

In South Tyrol, parachute jumps are offered for example by Proalps. For further information please contact +39 0471 053 165 or

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