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Motorcycle rental in South Tyrol

Every motorcyclist will confirm this: A tour or even a “voyage” on two wheels is not just a hobby, but a philosophy of life. The speed, the conscious perception of the distance and the proximity to the wonderful panorama will make motorcycling in South Tyrol unforgettable.

With its numerous passes, entwined mountain roads, extensive vineyards and impressive panoramas, South Tyrol is a real paradise for motorcyclists.

But the way to these unique places can be very far and arduous. Long distances on full motorways and bad weather can be a reason for motorcycle fans to avoid a drive on their own bike to their holiday destination. The solution for this problem is offered by the motorcycle rentals. They enable comfortable and safe renting on site.

The bigger centres like Meran or Bozen offer many different opportunities for renting motorbikes and scooters. The services offer various types of vehicles with different cubic capacities, so that you can choose a motorcycle which complies with your necessities.

Enjoy a trip on a “Vespa” on the well-known Wine Route in Southern South Tyrol and discover the beautiful landscape with countless wine-growing estates and vineyards. Especially in midsummer, when the streets are overcrowded and it will be difficult to make headway, a trip with a motorcycle is the best alternative!

Motorcycle & scooter rentals in South Tyrol:

  • Rent-A-Bike Ride the Dolomites in Vahrn
    Phone: +39 0472 835 397
  • Promoto Racing in Burgstall
    Phone: +39 0473 290 955
  • Motorsport Niedermayr in Eppan
    Phone: +39 0471 975 533
  • Bio-Landhotel Anna in Schlanders
    Phone: +39 0473 730 314
  • Auto Ikaro Village in Meran and Bozen
    Phone Bozen: +39 0471 546 000
    Phone Meran: +39 0473 239 855