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Bio hotels in South Tyrol

To be the owner of an organic farm hotel means to offer the guests food and drinks of biological quality. The organic farm hotels have the target to translate the plan of sustainable management in their companies into action.

This is the basis not only of most decisions, but also of the tourist offers. The idea behind is supported by the conviction that a biological agriculture for example is better than a conventional one, in other words, the way a company deals with its employees or with the environment itself does matter.

The desire to act stems from that awareness to reorder the hotel consequently for example to use only biological products in the kitchen. With our purchase we determine how to produce food which we elaborate. We are the ones who decide which methods to use for our plants, how to breed our animals and if genetic engineering should be used or not. Our standards are the smallest common denominator of our member companies.

In 2001 some hotel owner met to realize these common targets. Today there are 72 members of biological farm hotels, 5 of which in South Tyrol.

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