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Tabaretta fixed-rope route

The Tabaretta fixed-rope route is one of the most difficult and thrilling ones in Europe.

During the ascent you have always the Ortler north-face set in your sights. The fixed rope route calls for concentration, experience and climbing technique.

For many mountaineers the Tabaretta fixed rope route is the non-plus-ultra via ferrata: airy passages, exposed crossings and steep and clean rocks made him to be the most difficult in South Tyrol.

Tour description:

First of all you have to drive to Sulden in Vinschgau. Arrived there park your car and walk to Tabaretta Refuge at 2,556 m above sea level. Near the refuge there is the access to the fixed rope route. The whole fixed rope route is very demanding and there aren’t many places to rest or to breath.

You need 3 hours to climb the route, where many exposed and difficult passages expect you. When you exit the fixed rope route at the ridge you have to pay attention to not set off stones: if not other climbers could be hurt bad. After 10 minutes you reach Payer Refuge, where you can celebrate your ascent.

Tip: a fixed rope route set and a helmet are absolutely obligatory! Descent: Follow the signpost path to Tabaretta Refuge and go back to Sulden from there.

Details of the tour:

  • Length: 3 hours (fixed rope route)
  • Difference in altitude: 1,500 m
  • Level of difficulty: extreme difficult
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