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Equipment for high altitude tours

What equipment do I need for high-altitude-mountain-tours?

If you are planning a high-altitude-mountain-tour, you have not only to look at the maps and in the mountain-guide-books, but also to plan what to do in your backpack.

Consider that you will be 6-10 hours "on the road". See here what equipment you need doing a high-altitude mountain tour in South Tyrol.

  • Good and anti-slip alpine boots
  • Gloves, a cap and a rain coat
  • Clothes to change
  • Ropes, climbing irons and axes (if you go on a glacier)
  • First Aid Set
  • Minimum 2 l of water or juice
  • Cereal bars, nuts, fruit and chocolate
  • Hiking poles

You see, your backpack can become really weighty. But on the other hand you will be glad of all these things on the peak after a 6-hour walk!

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