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Climbing park Juval

Reinhold Messner is the most famous personality of South Tyrol and a worldwide respected extreme-mountaineer. He lives in the Castle of Juval near Naturns, situated on the top of a big granite rock.

And it is exactly this rock where you find one of the most demanding climbing gardens in the surroundings of Meran. And maybe you are fortunate and Reinhold Messner personally gives you some expert-tip.

The climbing garden is situated at the beginning of Schnalstal. You reach it driving from Naturns a few kilometres in direction Vinschgau. On the right you see already the granite rock and the Juval Castle. Park there and after 10 minutes of walk you reach the climbing garden, which is set very family-friendly. There are routes from 3c to 8a: everyone finds a demanding route for the own possibilities. Most of the routes are 30 m long and some of them can be extended to 3 rope lengths.

The best period for climbing in the area of Meran and surroundings is from April till October.