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Ice skating in South Tyrol

Do you remember, when we were young and we have wait all the autumn long, that finally the lake freeze up, that we could going to skate?

In hat, scarf, gloves and jacket we packed on ice and we went back home only when darkness came up. Over the years, we forget the skating, except you pursue hockey games or figure skating. But on the ice itself are just a few of us. What a pity!

Because kids love skating. Running, braking, sliding, falling down, turning pirouettes, jumping and running: children have to do enough on the ice, while we adults comfortably can move around and we no more to do to clean noses.

In South Tyrol families find ice rinks, lakes and open ice skating rinks. There may of course be borrowed skates. Incidentally, ice skating is the perfect preparation for skiing! Children practice balance, they learn to brake, particularly. They will see that tumbling sometimes hurts.

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