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Soap box derby Bruneck

Where: Bend of Bruneck Castle, Bruneck
Region: Kronplatz

From faired runabouts and wittily decorated vehicles to shark, stone age and hay cars… the wheels of the Castle City Race could hardly be more different.

Nevertheless they all have some similarities: On the one hand their drivers knock them together over weeks and month – sometime with great love, sometimes with best technical know-how. On the other hand they all have just one ambition, namely to cope with the bend under Bruneck Castle as fast and as safe as possible.

Some years ago this funny event was organized for the first time by some hobbyists in Heidenberg near St. Lorenzen. Today it is a popular meeting place for passionate soapbox builders. Also for the 5th edition of the Castle City Race on 14th August 2011 there will arrive many participants and fan clubs from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Speed, fun & excitement

The racers will start on the street a little above Bruneck Castle. For the race there is valid a K.O. system, thus always two rivals compete against each other. He, who after 500 meters passes the finishing line at first, moves up into the next heat.

On Friday and Saturday evening the festival program for soapbox drivers and their supporters begins with music and entertainment. Sunday starts with a morning pint and till 11.30 am all vehicles will be tested for their roadworthiness.

About noon there are scheduled the first qualifying rounds and at 2 pm the starting signal will be given for the Castle City Race – with fun and action for participants as well as for spectators; afterwards awards ceremony and live music.

Soap box derby Bruneck
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  • 14/08/2011
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