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Goblins & witches of Schlern

Some places in South Tyrol are particularly rich in charm and mystery, Schlern plateau, for example, is full of mythological figures and legends that inhabit the forests and meadows in the area, which stories are told from generation to generation.

To inhabit forests and pastures, benevolent and malevolent creatures like: the “Aguan”, guardians of the springs, which cure with water, “bregostane”, lord of spices, the “salvans”, dwarves or elves of the forest, the “salingen”, merry maidens turned into flowers by King Laurin, ready to bloom and a whole series of dwarfs and giants and strange shapes of all kinds.

The figure that attracts more attention, is undoubtedly one of the witch.

According to the legends of the place, the Schlern is a popular meeting place of witches who come here from all over the world, on horseback or on their broom. The elders of the place, they usually tell the story of Hansel, a local farmer who lived in a hut at the foot of the mountain. One day the farmer came face to face with a witch, took his gun and shot her. Legend told that the sight of the dead witch, was a sight so horrible, that the poor peasant never recovered from the shock.

Other hand a legend that tells of the witch Martha, a good witch who loves children and nature and that can turn into a squirrel every time she wants.

Not just witches, sorcerers also inhabit the area, such as Hans Kachler.

It is nice to think, as these stories have been handed down over the years by grandparents to their grandchildren and how they have done and continue to keep company to young and old during the cold nights of the plateau.

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