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Herbert Pixner

As multifaceted as his music is the life of Herbert Pixner. He does not only try new things, improvises and surprises on stage. As a courageous and creative artist, he does never stay on beaten tracks and is always open for inspirations of any kind.

Born in Meran in 1975 and raised on a mountain farm in the small South Tyrolean village Walten near St. Leonhard in Passeier, Herbert Pixner initially learned playing clarinet. He preferred percussion, but the local music band majorly needed clarinettists. However, he learned playing percussion and Styrian harmonica by himself. For his first Styrian harmonica, he borrowed money from his father who sold two cows for him. Later, he has also learned playing other instruments such as tuba and flugelhorn.

Valuable experiences

During his music studies in Klagenfurt, Herbert Pixner played in various orchestras, folk bands and other groups. These were very important years, even if he broke off his studies one semester before their termination. In fact, he saw which kind of music he liked to play and which not. Afterwards, Pixner temporarily worked as a music teacher, broadcaster and dairyman until he finally realised his dreams and lived completely for his own music.

Herbert Pixner Projekt

Since many years, Herbert Pixner has been playing not only but majorly in the band Herbert Pixner Projekt founded by himself. Together with his congenial band members Manuel Randi, Heidi Pixner and Werner Unterlercher, he entertains his fans with incomparable and authentic sounds – more than 1,000 sold-out concerts and several gold records are the proof of this. The Herbert Pixner Projekt is primarily known for its exciting mix of traditional folk music in the Alps, jazz, blues, rock and flamenco as well as for unforgettable live performances.

Any concert resembles the other: The four extraordinary musicians of Herbert Pixner Projekt mutually motivate themselves to new music highlights during any stage performance, enthusing the audience by overflowing energy and joy of playing. However, Innsbruck is a very important centre for Pixner. In fact, the city is the home of him and his family. His label Three Saints Records is based in Innsbruck as well.