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Castle Welsperg

The Castle of Welsperg is a perfect stage of medieval history in South Tyrol. Immerse in a legendary time of knights and castles and walk through the magnificent rooms of the Castle Welsperg.

High above the roofs of Welsberg and Taisten the castle of Welsperg extends over the valley Pustertal. Northeast at the opening of the valley Gsies the fabulous castle resides; on the opposite the imposing ruins of Thurn. Together they form a powerful medieval complex that astonishes its visitors.

Approximately 900 years ago the brothers Otto and Schwikher Welsperg built the castle on the steep wooded rocks. The keep, the oldest part of the castle, served as a vantage point and as a fortress against enemies. In the following decades, the castle was expanded including the farm buildings and the small Romanesque chapel.Once being the residence of the Tyrolean nobility family, the castle has become a stage of various concerts, exhibitions and events these days.

Walk around the medieval fortress

Start from the centre of Welsberg and follow the marked trail to the castle. A roughly 10 minute walk through green meadows and thick forests leads along walls, towers and halls directly to the entrance. Enter the old walls, walk through the medieval rooms and turn back the hands of time. 

From the entrance of the castle you follow the path down to the bridge, over the rolling river of Gsies, than along the Gsieser valley trail and turn left to the ruins of Thurn. From up there you go back on the road “Gsieser” through the village to the starting point. The quite simple hike around the majestic medieval castle gives you a magnificent view of the historic village of Welsberg.

Make your holiday more special, visit the Castle of Welsperg, and travel in a perfect atmosphere through the stately walls through history. You will be amazed!

Further information:

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Phone: +39 0474 944 118